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Arte come forma di inclusione sociale - Guernica - Picasso - Associazione Socioculturale MOH

Art is a medium of social cohesion and gives shape to cities and spaces. Art helps to stimulate critical thinking and contributes to social inclusion.

Mediazione artistica - MOH associazione socioculturale Bari

What is artistic mediation? Practice still unexplored, young, not yet "canonized". Artistic mediation wants to touch, feel and heal.

L'Italia: prima scelta dei giovani del Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà

Italy is the first country chosen as a destination for young Europeans participating in the European Solidarity Corps, starting from December 2016. Of the 30,000 young people who participated in …

MOH ottiene la QL Quality Label

We have obtained the Quality Label, necessary to ensure that the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps are respected.

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