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La mediazione artistica parte dal cervello - MOH

What are the laws of the visual brain and how do they regulate our perception of the world we see? Artistic mediation starts with the brain.

Arte e integrazione - mediazione artistica - MOH Bari

We have already talked about artistic mediation, trying to explain its genesis and its definition. Well, today we will talk about art and integration instead.

Arte come forma di inclusione sociale - Guernica - Picasso - Associazione Socioculturale MOH

Art is a medium of social cohesion and gives shape to cities and spaces. Art helps to stimulate critical thinking and contributes to social inclusion.

Mediazione artistica - MOH associazione socioculturale Bari

What is artistic mediation? Practice still unexplored, young, not yet "canonized". Artistic mediation wants to touch, feel and heal.

L'Italia: prima scelta dei giovani del Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà

Italy is the first country chosen as a destination for young Europeans participating in the European Solidarity Corps, starting from December 2016. Of the 30,000 young people who participated in …