Commitment to youth,
art and social issues

Our areas of action


It’s our main focus. It has a positive impact on young people at various levels: personal, employability, European sentiment and tolerance towards diversity.

Artistic mediation

Using the active and resolutive participation of the problems that afflict the society with the artistic experimentation, means to make the competences of everyone accessible and meaningful.

Sociocultural promotion

We believe that all young people (and not) deserve to grow up in a community where quality services, opportunities and support are offered.


Do you want to spend some time abroad, with zero costs? MOH can help you find the mobility experience in Italy that best suits your needs!


By working with us on different projects, organisations, non-profit associations or companies have the opportunity to offer new experiences to young Europeans and other realities.

OUR PArtners

About us

MOH is a socio-cultural association based in Bari, which aims to promote mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work.

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