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Artistic mediation and comics

We try to give you little pills on artistic mediation: what it is and how to put it into practice. Today we give you a further insight by treating comics as an instrument of artistic mediation.

As the technology and the market mentality associated with it go on, some cultural manifestations are a bit neglected. The system does not consider these things as culture or art. But many of these cultural platforms, buried by the onslaught of progress, are an integral part of our existence as human beings and are the key to our understanding of ourselves. Comics are one such thing.

All artistic tools, from photography to video to comics, have a therapeutic function. Artistic mediation becomes a form of therapy that helps people to free themselves from the barriers sometimes imposed by society, by the family.

Mediazione artistica - Fumetto - MOH Associazione Bari2

Art helps us to be ourselves, and not what others want us to be.

Telling a story in sequence with drawn images is the root of written language. “The joint use of images and words and having to respect a certain rhythm of storytelling, for example, mobilises various resources at different levels in the individual. Attention to both analogue and digital elements of communication, in combination with alternating figure-background positions, creates a kind of dance within which the person can move freely.

The use of the artistic medium facilitates communication, integration and acceptance, as the space of creation allows hatred and forgiveness, anger and pain, understanding, in short, of our passion.

Source: D. Delfino, S. Matteoli – Il fumetto come strumento di mediazione artistica – PSICOLOGIA e scuola on line / marzo 2013

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