About us

MOH is a feminist and transfeminist relational space where social responsibility activities are developed and experimented through artistic mediation and communication, in Bari (Italy).

We act on these areas

Youth Mobility

Taking part in experiences abroad such as the European Solidarity Corps has a positive impact on young people: personally, professionally and in terms of openness to others.

Art Mediation

We use art as a tool and practice for promoting equality and gender equality.

Digital Communication

We work on the creation of digital content for young people from 18 to 30 years of age ɜ favouring the dissemination of bottom-up information.

We follow the design, financing, organisation and implementation of projects carried out with local, European or international funding and grants.

Year of foundation
Erasmus+ KA2 projects
European Solidarity Corps projects coordinated
ESC Italian volunteers sent abroad

Who is moh?


European Project Manager & Coordinator

"I am a mobility facilitator, I write and manage European and volunteering projects using art as a mediating medium to talk about and explore sensitive issues. I am close to queer ideology and imagine a world to be 'unworld' and rebuilt together through workshops and alliances. I have a degree in Visual Arts and specialised in European Planning and Gender Studies""


Marketing & Communication Manager

"Providing virtual support to our volunteers before, during, and after their experience abroad. I manage the visual coordination and communication of the association and its projects. Believing in the importance of relational spaces and exchange of perspectives. Linguistic and Cultural Mediator; during my Master's in languages I approached the field of project design."


Authoress of the Column Fikissimə

"Specialized in English and Anglo-American Literature and Gender Studies, I write and do independent research primarily on women's narratives and mental health, adopting a transfeminist, antipsychiatric and anti-speciesist approach. In the project Sframmenti I address and analyze these issues using the collage technique, also through workshops and laboratories."

We work mainly with these Programmes

Logo Erasmus - MOH

What are our expertise?

Workshop facilitation

We implement the project's activities and conduct the workshop, finding new captivating ways to engage the target audience. We held activities in museums, cultural centres, libraries, schools, etc.

Dissemination & Visual Identity

We were responsible for the dissemination in all the projects we coordinated so far, taking care of the dissemination plan and the visual identity of the projects (logo, website, style guides).


In our work, we focus a lot on making videos accessible to the target audience. We have created many videos for social media.

Read our manifesto

MOH is a feminist and transfeminist relational space where social responsibility activities are developed and experimented through artistic mediation and communication. We work for the training of young people and youth workers with the aim of promoting practices of care in different forms. 

MOH rejects the exclusivity of binary gender roles, gender stereotypes and discrimination, toxic masculinity, patriarchal force fields and hierarchical relationships; it facilitates the free expression and self-determination of each person, the experimentation of innovative practices in the field of gender policies and education on relationships, affectivity, differences.

MOH aims to deconstruct the violent narrative at the basis of all forms of discrimination and especially to deconstruct the stereotypes underlying gender and gender-based violence through a double action: on the one hand, we deal with facilitating youth mobility also as a moment of encounter with cultural, language, geographic origin, ability and sexual orientation differences. On the other hand, through workshops, educational activities, artistic campaigns, awareness-raising and communication activities, alliances with the territory and European projects. Both at national and local level, we have initiated workshops and activities that have explored strongly intertwined contexts of intervention: education and training; the narration of violence through the media; sexism; issues concerning bodies, territories and urban spaces.

We practise and claim a non-formal and informal pedagogical approach, which denies formal education as the only source of learning and seeks to disrupt the power roles that are internal to it. Our approach is based on anti-classist, anti-racist, anti-fascist, non-hetero-normative and non-confessional principles, on an interdisciplinary and intersectional gaze, capable of providing immediate tools for the transformation of reality.A lens that allows us to look at the set of differences that make up subjectivities, recognising the combined action that operates on people’s lives. This is why we speak of education to a plurality, potentially infinite, of differences”.

What are the topics we care about?

  • Women empowerment
  • Body Acceptance
  • Volunteering quality
  • Artistic Mediation
  • Gender balance
  • Youth Mobility in Europe
  • Equal rights
  • Digital Communication

What they say about us

A personal note: you are the only team that completed all the documents in time and in proper form. A huge thanks for being such reliable partners and for the warm and smooth communication!

Project's coordinator

Some pictures of the activities we did

Logo MOH Bari negative

MOH is a non-profit organisation based in Bari, which aims to promote youth mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work.

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