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We are open to new projects proposals from Organisations (NGO, No-profit Associations, Centre of Adult Education, VET, Schools, Universities, Public Actors and other public and private organizations) from different European countries, with similar interests to implement European Projects like European Solidarity Corps and Capacity Building in the field of youth, Strategic Partnerships in the framework of KA2 of Erasmus+ Programme.

Partner with us for projects (Erasmus+  KA2 and ESC programmes)

If you share the same vision and values with us, we are open for quality and long-term partnerships in a wide variety of fields, such as art, culture, youth, women empowerment, social issues and much more.

Just share your ideas with us and let’s make it happen!

We are interested in developing a project with art, culture, social integration, to strengthen the world of volunteering and equip youth workers with new and stronger skills. We are open to collaborations with organisations with a clear anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic stance.

MOH is registered to the European Participants Portal and has Organisation ID nº E10009452.

We are ready to support you, sending the necessary documentation to complete the application form, respecting the deadlines.

In July 2019 we obtained the Quality Label from the Italian National Agency as “Supporting Organisation”.

Our aim is to promote mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work.

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MOH is a non-profit organisation based in Bari, which aims to promote youth mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work.

CF 93500740720 | P.IVA 08467560721 | OID E10009452 

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