Read the latest curiosities about artistic mediation, Europe, travel and the world!

ESC in Bari - Artegration - Abusuan

Find out Artegration ESC Project in Bari and how to apply for it!

CAPS - ESC in Bari

Find out the project description, actitivies and how to apply for this European Solidarity Corps in Apulia!

ESC project in italy xfarm

We are looking for 2 volunteers for an ESC Project in the south of Italy to spend 6 months, starting from May 2021, with XFARM - Agricoltura prossima in San Vito dei Normanni.

Memoria, percezione dell'arte

Memory and learning are essential for visual perception and therefore for our response and perception of art.

Arte e neuroscienza

Art and neuroscience: Figurative art, as well as the act of looking, reduces the elements and stimulates the creativity of the brain.

Mediazione artistica - Fumetto - MOH Associazione Bari

Photography, video, comics have a therapeutic function. Artistic mediation helps to free us from the barriers sometimes imposed by society.

La mediazione artistica parte dal cervello - MOH

What are the laws of the visual brain and how do they regulate our perception of the world we see? Artistic mediation starts with the brain.

Arte e integrazione - mediazione artistica - MOH Bari

We have already talked about artistic mediation, trying to explain its genesis and its definition. Well, today we will talk about art and integration instead.

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