You are currently viewing 1 last place for Artegration – European Solidarity Corps Project in Bari, Italy

1 last place for Artegration – European Solidarity Corps Project in Bari, Italy

We are looking for 1 participant for a European Solidarity Corps Project in Bari and Acquaviva delle Fonti, for  6 months, starting as soon as possible, with Abusuan intercultural center.

There are 3 different activities in “Artegration” project: Intercultural centre and migrant desk; agri-culture and 2 festivals!

Start: as soon as possible

Duration: 5 months

Where: Bari and Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA), Apulia, Italy

Application’s deadline: 10 June



1. Intercultural Centre and Migrant Desk

The centre’s activities are aimed at all those working in the field of social cooperation, the world of volunteering, local administrations, social workers, educators, students, migrants and are born of cooperation.

  • Support on legislative aspects and procedures concerning immigration, orientation on asylum application and residence permit procedures
  • Supporting staff in the organisation of the centre’s activities
  • Supporting staff in the organisation of festivals and cultural events
  • Planning and implementing creative ideas that fit the profile of the cultural centre
  • Promotion of the European Solidarity Corps within the Abusuan network
  • Marketing – FB page – Video making
  • Finding and following sponsors for events

2. Agri-culture

Volunteers will experience an intercultural co-housing environment and work with a group of 10 immigrants who have obtained international protection and/or reside in the territory of Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA). 

Volunteers will help in the activities:

  • Contributing to the restructuring of a former rural school to be used as a Social Farm where 8 young immigrants can live and manage social farming activities and intercultural initiatives.
  • To activate a community pilot experiment of self-construction, intercultural cohousing, social agriculture, packaging and distribution, operating on confiscated public land owned by the Municipality

3. Festivals

The volunteers will directly participate in 2 festivals: 

Festa dei Popoli

Festa dei Popoli has for years been a moment of sharing between the Apulian and foreign communities. The only intercultural event in the city, it aims to spread the concept of coexistence between peoples and to raise awareness of the different cultural realities that have coexisted for years in our territory. The volunteers’ activities will be:

  • Logistical/artistic support during the days of the festival: there will be thirty stands present, over sixty artists involved
  • Set-up, problem solving
  • Photo/video reportage
  • Festival promotion: offline/online promotional activities

Bari in Jazz Metropolitan Festival

The Bari in jazz metropolitan festival is a music festival promoted by the Abusuan Association in collaboration with the Murattiano Association. The volunteers’ activities will be:

  • Logistic/artistic support during the festival days: set-up, problem solving
  • Festival promotion: offline/online promotion activities
  • Photo/Video reportage


We support you with

  • Shared flat with other volunteers of the project (utilities are also covered)
  • Pocket money
  • Food allowance
  • Travel tickets (the maximum will depend on the distance of your home-country)


Volunteers profile

  • Sense of initiative and creativity
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong motivation and interest in project issues
  • Willingness to work with migrants
  • Willingness to know the culture of the host country and region
  • Strong interest in the theme of the project (non-formal education, social integration)
  • Good ability to work in a team and sociable
  • Interest in social and artistic activities
  • Indipendence and open-mindedness
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • 18/30 years old


Join us!

To apply for this project, fill the application form. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Deadline: 10 June 2021


More info

For more info, read the infopack of the project (please, do not mind the dates)

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