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Volunteers for the future – European Solidarity Corps Project in Apulia, San Vito dei Normanni

We are looking for 2 volunteers for an ESC Project in the south of Italy to spend 6 months, starting from May 2021, with XFARM – Agricoltura prossima in San Vito dei Normanni.

Start: May 2021

End:  November 2021

Duration: 6 months

Where: San Vito dei Normanni (BR), Apulia, Italy

Application’s deadline: 30 april 2021

Project’s aim

  • EDUCATIONAL: to offer young people creative and engaging ways to understand the concepts related to the solidarity themes of the project;
  • SOCIAL: focusing on affectivity and the relationship with the surrounding nature, to raise awareness on how sustainability, the fight against mafias, racism, oppression, and any form of discrimination is fundamental;
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL: to give young people the opportunity to develop their gender identity and aspirations in a safe and creative way.



The volunteering activity will deal with the transformation (already underway) of a farm confiscated from the mafia, symbol of illegality and environmental unsustainability, into a “manifesto” farm of good practices in the agronomic, ecological, social and cultural fields.
In particular, the volunteers will be involved in the experience of recovering the confiscated property, aimed at the collective construction of the farm as a common good, through:

  • participation in the agricultural activities within the farm, notably in the management of the vegetable crops, the olive groves, the vineyard and the henhouse;
  • participation in the activities of planting and experimentation with a model of agro-forestry aimed at increasing biodiversity;
  • participation in social activities aimed at raising awareness on agro-ecological issues, those referred to the social fight against the mafia and local development;
  • participation in the organization of public events, seminars, workshops, training lessons open to the local community and the company’s partners;
  • participation in the organization and implementation of training and educational events (also in English) for children and teenagers on the topics of agro-ecology and social justice.



The commitment required from the volunteers will be 30 hours per week

Volunteers will have the possibility to live the experience in full freedom and responsibility, to manage autonomously their own time and activities in agreement with the actors involved and the project staff, to develop personal initiatives and projects consistent with the proposed voluntary activities.

We support you with

  • Shared flat with other volunteers of the project (utilities are also covered)
  •  Pocket money
  • Food allowance
  • Travel tickets (the maximum will depend on the distance of your home-country)

Volunteers profile

  • Interested in the project’s activities;
  • open-minded and curious;
  • with a strong personality and interest in issues such as integration, legality and ecology;
  • motivated;
  • proactive, sociable and creative;
  • 18-30 years old;
  • knowledge of English/Italian;
  • with a good ability to work in a team;
  • from European countries.

Particular attention will be paid to the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

Join us!

To apply for this project, fill the application form. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Deadline: 30 april 2021

More info

For more info, read the infopack of the project

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